Bringing Teracube to Life


Every awesome product starts with a great idea, and Teracube is no different. But even before the great idea, Sharad Mittal and Anthony Tsim were forward-thinking entrepreneurs with the drive to impact the electronics market in a fresh, new way. 

Mittal founded Kinivo and Bluerigger in 2009, ultimately selling more than 10 million electronic products. And, before Teracube, Tsim was an executive with several successful startups such as Exsilio Solutions, which delivered IT solutions to clients such as Microsoft and Amazon. 

When the two teamed up, their combined vision led to Teracube, an innovative, new smartphone that hit the market in 2019.

How Teracube Came to Life

“I became a hardcore environmentalist five years ago. One evening, my wife and I went to see Noah, starring Russell Crowe, and the perspective I gained from it changed my life. I started on a new journey toward learning about what's going on behind the walls of our shopping malls and how marketing and our buying habits play a significant role in environmental destruction.”

Sharad Mittal- Founder of Teracube

Last year, Mittal began to question how his passion for the environment and the electronics business could fit together, and he began to realize that some of the steps he was taking in the business world were only adding to the problem. That’s when he set out to merge both of his passions by creating a sustainable, top-tier smartphone.

The idea for Teracube’s warranty was born last year as well, as Mittal was questioning his own personal mission and the mission of one of his startups, Kinivo. He had always repaired his own laptops and smartphones when needed. He wondered, “Why not extend this service to the world?” 

He immediately set out to find a reliable partner, Anthony Tsim. The two then created a business model for a repair plan that would be convenient and all-encompassing-- one that would provide support far longer than customers are used to.

Since then, Mittal and Tsim have experienced countless challenges, including two rejections from top smartphone manufacturers. But this wasn’t enough to deter the two from pursuing this vision. After visiting Shenzhen, finding partners who believed in the idea, revising their business model, talking with the Google Android team, and testing numerous samples and prototypes, the team was finally ready to bring Teracube to life.

“We figured out a way to bring a smartphone with a sleek, current design to the world. We insisted that it be easy to manufacture with future-proof specs, and then we simply built a solid and dependable repair model around it. The result was Teracube, a sustainable smartphone that’s better for your pocket, and better for the planet.”

Sharad Mittal

Friends and Business Partners

Mittal, Tsim, and their team have grown through the many challenges and victories since Teracube’s inception. While Tsim leans on Mittals’ e-commerce expertise, Mittal values the leadership experience that Tsim brings from his many years of spearheading successful startups.

When Mittal was asked what drew him to team up with Tsim, he replied that he “brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm to our team. He is a go-getter, a never-say-no kind of person. His leadership experience from other businesses is invaluable.” When asked the same question, Tsim commented on Mittals’ solid business ethics and strong passion for the environment, noting that “there is a lot that I can learn from him.”

This partnership has solidified the mission of Teracube: to create sustainable, high-quality products that customers can enjoy for years to come. They plan to keep pushing the envelope in this direction by building more products with modular designs, eco-friendly components, and fair-trade practices.

More About Teracube From the Makers Themselves

Teracube is one of the fastest mid-range smartphones available in the US. With its 4-year, hassle-free warranty, it’s better for the customer’s pocket and better for the sustainability of our environment. Its durable construction includes a metal alloy body and Gorilla Glass, and it offers all of the features smartphone users have come to expect and more, all with a lower cost.

Teracube’s 4-year warranty includes free battery changes and express phone replacement. If our customers have issues with the Teracube, we won’t outsource the problem to another company. Instead, we promise to replace their device with a like-new phone with free two-way shipping. We will then refurbish the returned unit and add it to the like-new pool. No wastage!

Want to learn more? Click here to check out all that Teracube has to offer.

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