About Us

Why Teracube

Most smartphones last an average of 2 years or less. Teracube is engineered to last longer and is backed by the industry’s first 4-year warranty to ensure you can enjoy your device with peace of mind. Teracube is good for our planet, too. Smartphones’ biggest environmental impact comes from the manufacturing process and the e-waste when discarded. Over 135 million smartphones are thrown away every year in the US alone. The longer you keep Teracube, the more sustainable it becomes. It is not only good for the earth, it’s great on your wallet as well!

Bringing Teracube to Life

Every awesome product starts with a great idea, and Teracube is no different. Teracube’s co-founder, Sharad Mittal, envisioned the goal of changing the disposable nature of the consumer electronics industry by designing products that last longer. He believes that small changes can make a huge impact. Mittal is a passionate environmentalist and has more than 10 years of experience in consumer electronics design & retail, and more than 10 years in software development. At Teracube, our core mission is to create great products that you can enjoy for years to come and to help save our environment. This campaign is just a start. We want to keep pushing the envelope in this direction by building more environment-friendly products with modular designs, eco-friendly components, and fair-trade practices.

Meet the Team

CEO, Founder

Sharad Mital

Vice President, Co-Founder

Anthony Tsim